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Every day, before the first ray of light comes, the engines are already running on the Chao Phraya River. Busy, so busy from a shore to another, up and down the river, the boat flow is intense. During the office hours, places a rare, it is compact, and schedules are tight. Hair brushing, eye lashing, homework writing, newspaper reading, the activities while commuting in the fresh river breeze are plenty! Jumping from the shore reaching the deck, and of we go for another ride making a cloud. But even with the rush and despite the noise, the emotions are seen on how people feel. Their river, the lungs of the busy city of Bangkok is a precious gift.


Being emerged in the commuters' routine and not only a spectator of the scene, I have tried to explore every aspect of the theme. “The commuters of the Chao Phraya river” was a challenging yet a fascinating project. How people interact with each other and with the river on their every day’s life.

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