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A sample of my stories...

Sinulog Festival

​Being emerged in the commuters routine and not only a spectator of the scene, I have tried to explore every aspect of the theme. “The commuters of the Chao Phraya river” was a challenging yet a fascinating project. How people interact with each other and with the river on their every day's life in Bangkok.


An immersion in the life of Caren, Joan, Arlyn, Berna, Mean and Thess. They live in the largest slum of Manila, Tondo. Also the city's garbage dumping site where most of the population lives from sorting trash. To get out of their situations they have learnt how to sew in the livelihood program at BYSMP Bless The Children Foundation in Tondo. With the support of the Notadaydream organization they now earn an income as bagmakers.



striving for a better future

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